Colorado Gives Day – December 5th, 2017

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Colorado Gives Day is on December 5th this year and Roundup has set a goal to raise  $10,000 in order to replace the flooring in our school and to create the ultimate  learning environment for our students! With the FirstBank Million Dollar Incentive  Fund every gift to a non-profit grows! You can go online today and pre-schedule  your gift or wait until December 5th.


Volunteers Making a Difference!

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It was a chilly and windy  Saturday morning when trucks full of Cragmor  Christian Church volunteers showed up at the Roundup School ready to begin our fall clean-up project. The volunteers, led by Outreach Coordinator Mike Broekhuis, cut down trees, trimmed bushes, pulled weeds, dug up cactus’ (ouch!), mowed the grass and cleaned up the parking lot. A van load of Roundup young men from our Fortune Group Home also came to help out and work alongside the volunteers. The school campus looked absolutely amazing when they were finished, quite a transformation! We couldn’t let them go away hungry so we filled them full of chili and cornbread, courtesy of the Roundup Students.
Thank you CRC for making a difference!!

Student bids farewell!

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We received this touching letter from one of our students at the end of the summer school session, little does she know we will miss her just as much as she will miss us!

Support Roundup on Colorado Gives Day December 6, 2016

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Recognizing Stephan Fury for his volunteer work.

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Stephan Fury is a young man who participates in our Community Connections program in Colorado Springs.  He was recently awarded a certificate for completing 100 hours of volunteer work.  You can see by the smile on his face how excited and proud he is of his accomplishment.  Roundup’s Mission is realized through the adults we serve participating in contributing back to their community.   We help empower people to see their strengths and to give back where ever they are needed.



Stephan has done everything from landscaping to homeless shelter work. He’s worked at Springs In Bloom, Harley’s Hope Foundation, Crossfire Ministries, Mission Medical Clinic, Partners In Housing.  We have recently contracted with Habitat for Humanity to volunteer at the Restore as well as with a Safe Place for Pets.

Volunteering To Beautify Colorado Springs:

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A group of staff and participants from the Community Connections program in Colorado Springs have recently taken on the task of planting and taking care of a corner of Colorado Springs.  “We have “adopted” a city plot and have been put in charge of planting and maintaining it as a group.  Here are the before, during and after photos!” says Skye Rust, Program Director.

20160602_091245 - Copy 20160602_105744 - Copy 20160602_133212

Time for Christmas Cheer

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2014 Christmas Tree Wishes for CPPToday, I have the pleasure of spending the day with our Community Participation Program for their annual Christmas Party.  Everyone will be headed over to the American Legion Hall on North Pecos Street to enjoy an Italian Lunch, games, music, singing, dancing, pictures and presents.  What a true blessing it is to see the people we support enjoy a time of fellowship and fun together.  And what a blessing it is that we have gifts to hand out to each person that have been donated by staff, board members, Xcel Energy, families and a number of other cash donors.  Without the help of these generous people, the party would not have gifts.

What are some of the best parts of getting together?  The smile that comes to each person’s face as they enjoy opening a gift just for them.  The laughter that fills the room.  The sound of a young lady singing loudly a favorite Christmas carol.  The joy in the face of each person that serves a plate of food to each individual.  The passing of cookie trays from one table to the next.  The wearing of Santa Hats for those pictures that will capture the good memories.  Merry Christmas to you and be blessed in the New Year.

Community Connections in Colorado Springs

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At the end of 2014, Roundup added service provision for adults in Colorado Springs.  The program is called Community Connections and we are serving a small group of adults in accessing community activities.  Under the leadership of Skye Rust, Community Connections is looking to expand and serve more adults who are looking to be involved in community life.  Activities in the program focus on adult learning, volunteer opportunities and community connecting.  As far as activities go, Skye reports, “We’ve done a fire day where we toured fire station 9, went to the fire fighter museum and then to the IAFF fire fighter memorial.  We go to the YMCA, libraries and I am excited to announce that as of today we are proud Meals on Wheels volunteers!  The route is called Opal and we deliver every Thursday.  We have toured the Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force base and gone out to Cici’s pizza.  The adults participated in Bear Creek Regional Walk and Scavenge program.  They walk the trails and pick up trash.  All participating were given stickers and floats at the end of that day.  It was a hit.  We’ve also done lots of crafts, a movie and popcorn day, and celebrated two birthdays with cake and cocoa.”  We are continuing to build new activities around the wants and needs of the people we are serving.


We have curb appeal at Evans House!

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We are so grateful. 11 fabulous volunteers for 7 hours from Essex Financial, Mountain West Management and Baron Properties = 50 bags of mulch, 1 gigantic ugly bush gone,  countless shrubs and flowers planted = one fabulous looking yard-front, back and sides! Thank you Jeff, Patrick, Lisa, Matt, Nikki, Carrie, Dan, Kristi, Sandy, Mike and Brett. We truly are lucky to call you a friend.

Thank you so very much!

That’s a Wrap…Another Successful Year At Roundup School.

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School Graduation 15 019 School Graduation 15 015One of the best days to visit Roundup School is on Graduation Day.  Friday, May 15th, was a celebration of the many accomplishments of students and staff at our school. We had 3 young adults graduate and many staff and students receive recognition for their efforts. One young man graduating proclaimed, “Amen and Alleluia”, after he received his diploma. The school staff shared how dramatically his behavior had improved over the year. Awards were given out for the best smile to the most improved reader in the group. We had a number of staff members receive Years of Service Awards for their 5 plus years of service. This year, Charlie Tomkins celebrates 30 years of service. Whitney Smoote celebrates 15 years of service.  Steve DeFelice celebrates 10 years as a teacher at Roundup School.  Those staff receiving 5 years of service awards were teachers, Kyle Reno and Jesse Tomkins, and paraprofessionals Jacob Vigil and Anthony Whaley. The festivities concluded with a luncheon prepared by the Roundup School Staff. The desserts served were prepared by the Roundup Students who participate in cooking class. Board members, families, staff and friends were blessed by the fun experience of another year completed.  Thank you goes out to all who helped with this great day!



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