Generic Thanksgiving Group Home PictureThe staff and clients of Roundup Fellowship always say that Roundup is like one big family. So, then, what better place to spend Thanksgiving dinner than with your family?

Each year for the past 40 years, the staff puts on a Thanksgiving dinner for the clients. For the Roundup Fellowship homes, the staff prepare a delicious home-cooked traditional dinner, receiving assistance from some of the residents during preparation. This meal provides Roundup residents and staff the opportunity to enjoy and celebrate the holiday together. “For some, this may be the only Thanksgiving dinner that they have,” Stacy Gulmantovicz, Denver Division Director, said of the event. “Some of our residents don’t have a family to celebrate with and after a certain time we are their family.”

At our Quivas House five of our residents have enjoyed this tradition together for tweny-five years! Malcolm loves to help cook, Ronnie and Joe help clean and everyone loves to eat!

At Roundup School, students, staff, and friends come together and enjoy a traditional turkey dinner. The staff prepare a delicious home-cooked meal in our training kitchen, receiving assistance from some of the students during preparation. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students. Cooking is fun and offers terrific opportunities to work on practical skills and provides extra help with sensory integration, motor, language, communication, and attention skills. “This is our way of expressing our gratitude to our students and staff and to enjoy a delicious meal together”, said Charlie Tomkins, Colorado Springs Division Director.

Thank you to Roundup donors and staff that allow us to continue this wonderful tradition.