Our son, normal at birth but profoundly brain damaged from a case of Spinal Meningitis at the age of 3 months, had now just turned 16. He had become unmanageable from self-injurious behavior and we were unable to keep him safe from himself. He had stabilized some, but not enough. We were told that to get a placement for him, we’d have to abandon him at the¬†hospital. Just not show up to pick him up. Really? Sometimes the system makes no sense.

Then, we hear that there’s a possible placement, right here in Colorado! In fact, they have already been to visit Jason! We need to go visit the house. Wow, inner city. Not what we’re used to. Scary. God, is this really what you want? Could you show me a sign that this is your will? What was that house number again? My bank card password? Okay Lord. I hear you.

Jason is almost 27 now, back to his mostly – happy self. His behaviors, profound developmental disability and seizures continue to present challenges. He’s lived in 4 group homes. He aged out of the Roundup house, or we would still bet there. Roundup is by far the best. The houses and staff are managed well. The clients are put first. The board, which we were privileged to be a part of, prays four our kids. Roundup is blessed with many talented staff, but Jim Vander Kamp’s longevity with the organization is certainly a major factor in Roundup’s success. He knows this system inside and out, and knows each client in Roundup’s care personally.

We have wholeheartedly recommended Roundup at every opportunity. They have been the hands and feet of Jesus, to us.

Keith and Renee Liddle