I can honestly say that without them, I have no idea what my son’s future would have been. I had adopted my son Jamey when he was 11 years old and I only had a small glimpse of the “special needs” that he had. A few months after the adoption Jamey’s emotional and behavioral problems increased beyond what I was able to handle. I was getting calls daily from the school about issues they were having with his behaviors. I was unable to find before or after school care for him, while I was working. I found places that either addressed his special needs or his behavioral problems but not both. At home Jamey also struggled, safety became an issue and the police had to be called on several occasions to intervene.

After 3 stays in the hospital and Dr’s telling me that Jamey was not safe at home, I was completely lost. All the professionals kept talking about a failed adoption. In short I could turn him over to the state and who knows where he would end up. This was not an option for me. I spent hours talking to anyone that I thought could help. Jamey was finally placed in a facility in Sterling, CO, for a time this was a good option for our family. After months of Jamey being there and only getting to see him monthly. I knew that this was not going to be a long term solution.

Roundup Fellowship entered the picture and was an answer to my prayers.

Jamey could live in a home that addresses his emotional and behavioral issues. He could attend a private school that has staff able to handle his “special needs”. At home and school he has peers that are like him. Jamey is safe and constantly supervised. Instead of seeing him on a monthly basis, I live 10 minutes from his house.

The Roundup Staff is thoroughly trained and care deeply for the kids. They have been an amazing blessing to my son Jamey and myself.

Rita Minnard