At the end of 2014, Roundup added service provision for adults in Colorado Springs.  The program is called Community Connections and we are serving a small group of adults in accessing community activities.  Under the leadership of Skye Rust, Community Connections is looking to expand and serve more adults who are looking to be involved in community life.  Activities in the program focus on adult learning, volunteer opportunities and community connecting.  As far as activities go, Skye reports, “We’ve done a fire day where we toured fire station 9, went to the fire fighter museum and then to the IAFF fire fighter memorial.  We go to the YMCA, libraries and I am excited to announce that as of today we are proud Meals on Wheels volunteers!  The route is called Opal and we deliver every Thursday.  We have toured the Air Force Academy, Peterson Air Force base and gone out to Cici’s pizza.  The adults participated in Bear Creek Regional Walk and Scavenge program.  They walk the trails and pick up trash.  All participating were given stickers and floats at the end of that day.  It was a hit.  We’ve also done lots of crafts, a movie and popcorn day, and celebrated two birthdays with cake and cocoa.”  We are continuing to build new activities around the wants and needs of the people we are serving.