The grin is wide and full of all the information that he is unable to voice.  Maybe the staff took him for his favorite hamburger lunch–maybe it is just a snack or dessert of ice cream, his favorite.  Or perhaps it is the great game of bowling that he just had with a score of 200!  As he takes time to think, he giggles a little and then says, “Miranda is nice!!”

The activities are many and varied in the day program, from visiting the museum, bouncing on the trampoline, lunch in the park to working in a community garden.  He gets his exercise but interacts with others as he does it.  David, 45, is developmentally disabled with a stronger receptive language than expressive which means he takes in far more than he can give out language-wise plus he has an uncanny perception of understanding people on the non-verbal level. 

Roundup has been amazing for Dave in meeting some of his many needs  such as expressing his feelings more and learning to control his impulses in public.  The staff are trained to meet the needs of each client in a way that adds to their well-being.  David loves to go to Roundup–it is just part of his daily routine.  It gladdens my heart as his mom to know that he receives opportunities to explore the community with those who have his best interests at heart!  Thank you for the day program at Roundup!!      Carol Osborn, Roundup Fellowship Board Chair