Come Join Us in Changing Lives


We appreciate our volunteers so much! We are flexible in accommodating your schedule, interests, and needs.

Currently we need volunteers to:

  • Help to tackle our handyman projects including yard care or help us start and maintain a garden
  • Become a friend to one of our adult clients by going for walk, play a game, read, or just chatting
  • Provide haircuts for our children and adult clients
  • Join our Day Program on outings (some training required)
  • Assist in our Colorado Springs school with assorted tasks such as meal prep, craft preparation, assist in classroom, or be a reading buddy. (some training may be required depending on volunteer role)
  • Assist in our Colorado Springs homes  to create and maintain our gardens, become a mentor to provide  one-to-one social communications, and join on community outings.

Due to COVID-19 safety guidelines masks will be required.

Due to HIPAA regulations, we cannot allow any photography of our clients, including phone/video transmission.

We welcome organizations and corporate group

  • Group can volunteer for one day or weekend projects.
  • Groups can provide entertainment for the children in our Colorado Springs locations

To volunteer, please contact Cindy Liverance at or at (303) 757-8008.


AmazonSmile Foundation

Thank you Essex Financial Group!

Thank you so much for providing Christmas presents to the adults and children we serve. You made their holiday extra special and their smiles even bigger!

We proudly display this emblem as we have been recognized as an outstanding provider and we stand United for Excellence with other Alliance Member IDD agencies throughout Colorado.