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A Time to Celebrate: Forty Years of Building Relationships and Encouraging Independence

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Forty years is a long time to be doing something. For us it means celebrating, reflecting, and rediscovering on a number of different levels. Anniversaries are great times to get friends and family together to count blessings, enjoy shared memories, and realize just how fast time goes. Those memories often make us reflective, remembering important events that have taken place over a long course of time, some of which that were nearly forgotten, buried under the advancing years. It is also a time to rediscover things about yourself, just who you really are and maybe take a look at how you’ve changed – for the better, no doubt – through the years. Read more >>

Cookbook Advertisements Help Cover the Cost of Publishing

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We are hoping to cover the publishing costs of our 40th Anniversary Cookbook through advertisements and well wishes printed in the cookbook. With an estimated 1,000 books, it is a great way to reach your customers and a steal starting at $15 for the small ads to a full page ad for just $120!

Other advertisements last for a small period of time. A cookbook is something families will enjoy for years. Order your advertisement here and help support Roundup Fellowship’s programs and services. We are happy to help you in any way with your ad design. Please contact Danni Danko at 303-757-8008 ext. 12 or

Advertisements can be mailed to:
Roundup Fellowship
Cookbook Comittee
2250 S. Oneida Street, Suite 201
Denver, CO 80224


Sabbatical Musings from Jim

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Last summer I had a unique opportunity.  I was granted a sabbatical from my post as Executive Director for three months.  I had no prescribed course to follow regarding furthering my education (although I did some of that) or advancing my professional career through researching other organizations or models of service (not much happened there).  I could set my own agenda, report to no one (sorry, that’s never true!) and focus my attention on very different pursuits of my own choosing. Read more >>

Roundup Fellowship Cookbook

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Cooking Header


Help commemorate Roundup Fellowship’s 40th Anniversary by sending in your favorite recipes. 

This will be our third cookbook! Our first two were wildly popular and still cherished by many today. We are looking for a variety of delicious favorites as well as recipes for our four-legged friends, potpourri, soap, play dough – any favorite recipe you would like to share. All proceeds from the cookbook will go to help Roundup Fellowship programs and services. We will be collecting recipes through the end of April and have the cookbooks ready in July 2013. We hope that the cookbook will reflect the love and hard work that all the volunteers, staff, families, and community members have for Roundup Fellowship clients. Read more >>

Happy New Year!

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40 TagxedoWe trust everyone had an exceptional holiday season. We are sad but excited to see the year end as 2013 marks Roundup Fellowship’s 40th anniversary! It’s hard to believe that just 40 years ago a group of individuals met in effort to provide a better life for people with developmental disabilities and similar disorders to form what we now recognize as Roundup Fellowship.

We want to thank our supporters, clients, and self-advocates throughout the years for making what Roundup Fellowship is today. We have a plethora of events to celebrate Roundup Fellowship’s big birthday and would be honored to have you join us. Stay tuned for the details.

Fortune House had an amazing Christmas!

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Fortune House was overwhelmed by all the generosity of others. We received donations from neighbors, parents, the pharmacy, a GAL, and the lady that we found her lost purse, Mountain West Management, Baron Properties, Essex Financial Group and Essex Financial Servicing!

All the children were able to see some sort of family; some parents and family visited at Fortune, well others went one day passes, and overnight passes. The kids woke up to a breakfast meal of homemade waffles with fruit topping, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage, eggnog, and orange juice. The night before some of the boys left letters for Santa and cookies. They were excited to see that he ate the cookies. All were very excited about their gifts. Fortune received many board games and it is definitely keeping the boys occupied. The boys will be working on Thank you letters this next week.

Santa Came to Roundup Fellowship!

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Santa drove up in a huge black pickup truck and a blond pony tail delivering a ton Christmas presents for Roundup Fellowship yesterday! Santa aka Pam Nilemo delivered presents for every Roundup Fellowship resident and house all sponsored by Mountain West Management, Baron Properties, Essex Financial Group and Essex Financial Servicing! What a fabulous group of companies and employees. Special thanks to Pam and our own Laura Murray for yet another year of Christmas joy and sharing. We are looking forward to the smiles and joy they will bring!
Thank you Mountain West Management, Baron Properties, Essex Financial Group and Essex Financial Servicing!

Roundup Fellowship’s Christmas Gift Drive

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Christmas is coming, and it is time again for our annual Christmas Gift Drive at Roundup Fellowship. At Roundup, we are committed to seeing that each of our clients has a happy and full life, and that includes having a good Christmas!

Roundup Fellowship provides services and supports to more than 100 people with developmental disabilities in Denver and Colorado Springs areas. Through residential teaching homes, community-based vocational programs, and a school/day treatment setting, Roundup provides a variety of safe, nurturing, learning environments for people who might otherwise be candidates for institutionalization.

The Christmas Gift Drive is a great opportunity to share the spirit of Christmas with those who have not been as fortunate in life. There are a variety of ways to help. You may want to shop personally for some of the items on our clients’ wish lists. Give us a call and we will be happy to match you up with gift ideas that fit your budget. Also, our group homes would appreciate the donation of hams and turkeys for their holiday dinners. Cash donations are always welcome, and should be designated for use in the gift drive.

Please contact Mary Anaya or Danni Danko Holloway at 303-757-8008 for more information. Working together, we can meet this need, and have fun doing it!

Everyone had a ton of fun!

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Everyone had a great time at Roundup Fellowship’s inaugural Be A Superhero 5K Run/Walk & Roll. We hit our goal of 100 participants! Thank you to everyone that came out, supported, sponsored and cheered – and the guy from Durango who saw the Superhero run sign on the road and decided to stop and RUN! So many smiles and thanks to give out. What a fabulous day!! Check out some of the pictures on Facebook.  America the Beautiful Park lives up to its name.

Our fastest runner was Tyler Scholl with a 5K finish of 17.25! Tyler’s mom, Stephanie Scholl finished first for the women with at time of 21.07. Shawn Scholl followed son Tyler with a finish of 19.11. All three were in town from Kremling for Tyler’s sister’s cross country state championship race. That’s a fast family!  Renee Renn and Dawn Boucher won for their costumes and Wrinkles the Incredible Hulk pug won the canine costume contest.

Competitive Times:

Time Bib # Sex First Name Last Name
17.25 209 M Tyler Scholl
19.11 208 M Shawn Scholl
19.34 219 M Rick Rick
20.55 222 M Edward Riegelmann
21.07 207 F Stephanie Scholl
22.34 202 M Tim Weitzman
24.04 214 F Renee Renn
27.25 221
29.02 220
29.03 218 F Julie Nelson
29.46 216 F Alyssa Pallen
29.54 206 F Krista Bridgmon
29.54 212 F Aaron DeVall
30.05 213 M Chris Messer
30.37 217 F Anita Sandoval
36.23 215 F Alexandra LaBoid
40.22 224 F Jody Jody



Roundup Fellowship has been a lifesaver for my family!

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I can honestly say that without them, I have no idea what my son’s future would have been. I had adopted my son Jamey when he was 11 years old and I only had a small glimpse of the “special needs” that he had. A few months after the adoption Jamey’s emotional and behavioral problems increased beyond what I was able to handle. I was getting calls daily from the school about issues they were having with his behaviors. I was unable to find before or after school care for him, while I was working. I found places that either addressed his special needs or his behavioral problems but not both. At home Jamey also struggled, safety became an issue and the police had to be called on several occasions to intervene.

After 3 stays in the hospital and Dr’s telling me that Jamey was not safe at home, I was completely lost. Read more >>



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