2014 Christmas Tree Wishes for CPPToday, I have the pleasure of spending the day with our Community Participation Program for their annual Christmas Party.  Everyone will be headed over to the American Legion Hall on North Pecos Street to enjoy an Italian Lunch, games, music, singing, dancing, pictures and presents.  What a true blessing it is to see the people we support enjoy a time of fellowship and fun together.  And what a blessing it is that we have gifts to hand out to each person that have been donated by staff, board members, Xcel Energy, families and a number of other cash donors.  Without the help of these generous people, the party would not have gifts.

What are some of the best parts of getting together?  The smile that comes to each person’s face as they enjoy opening a gift just for them.  The laughter that fills the room.  The sound of a young lady singing loudly a favorite Christmas carol.  The joy in the face of each person that serves a plate of food to each individual.  The passing of cookie trays from one table to the next.  The wearing of Santa Hats for those pictures that will capture the good memories.  Merry Christmas to you and be blessed in the New Year.