School Graduation 15 019 School Graduation 15 015One of the best days to visit Roundup School is on Graduation Day.  Friday, May 15th, was a celebration of the many accomplishments of students and staff at our school. We had 3 young adults graduate and many staff and students receive recognition for their efforts. One young man graduating proclaimed, “Amen and Alleluia”, after he received his diploma. The school staff shared how dramatically his behavior had improved over the year. Awards were given out for the best smile to the most improved reader in the group. We had a number of staff members receive Years of Service Awards for their 5 plus years of service. This year, Charlie Tomkins celebrates 30 years of service. Whitney Smoote celebrates 15 years of service.  Steve DeFelice celebrates 10 years as a teacher at Roundup School.  Those staff receiving 5 years of service awards were teachers, Kyle Reno and Jesse Tomkins, and paraprofessionals Jacob Vigil and Anthony Whaley. The festivities concluded with a luncheon prepared by the Roundup School Staff. The desserts served were prepared by the Roundup Students who participate in cooking class. Board members, families, staff and friends were blessed by the fun experience of another year completed.  Thank you goes out to all who helped with this great day!