Personal Care Alternative Program – Living independently with 24 hour support.

The Personal Care Alternative Program helps a person with an intellectual or developmental disability live in his or her own home. Personal Care Alternative Program (PCA) clients are are self sufficient and have the desire to live very productive lives within their community. They do not let their disabilities stop them from living in their own apartment, working full time jobs, having their own checking and savings accounts, making friends, becoming integral community members, neighbors, coworkers and volunteers in areas of their interest. These individuals vote if they so desire and receive assistance from staff if needed.

Roundup Fellowship staff members are available for daily, weekly, or monthly support while providing training in daily living skills, money management, meal preparation, and community and safety skills. The goal of this program is to offer the client support so that he or she can have a quality life style in a typical neighborhood setting, taking advantage of what the community has to offer. PCA clients may need help with grocery shopping, menu planning or just need a friend to confide in. Assistance is a phone call away if they want to talk or have any emergencies that may arise.

What We Do:

  • Teach daily living and domestic skills in a person’s own home
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Laundry
    • Cooking, cleaning and home maintenance
    • Shopping
    • Creating opportunities to make friends
    • Pursuing personal interests
    • Safety monitoring
  • Provide follow-along support for money management
    • Balancing check books
    • Budgeting for personal needs
  • Provide advocacy and follow-along support for medical appointments
    • Physicals
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Hearing
    • Specialized therapies
  • Assistance with public transportation
    • RTD bus passes
    • Access A Ride
    • Transportation vouchers
    • Taxis
  • Provide 24 hour a day phone support
  • Advocate with day programs and other service providers
  • Participate in recreation and leisure skill development
  • Follow through on Individual Service and Support Plan goals

Recreational Resources

PCA clients enjoy and are encouraged to be involved in a variety of activities and to try new experience outside their homes. Clients are encouraged to meet other people, participate with other members of the community in shared environments and join associations of interest such as Parks & Recreation centers, Museums, YMCAs, and Special Olympics in the metropolitan area.

Supported Employment

Trained counselors assist clients with filling out applications and creating their resume for employment.
To refer a person to one of our programs or to discuss general information, contact Janice Brasher, Employment Coach, at 303-353-8312 or

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