Our Transition Services Program has been very popular and lends invaluable experience to our students aging out of publicly funded programming. Our new training kitchen includes a laundry area with a washing machine and dryer to further expand the program. The kitchen provides an avenue for students and clients to become more independent in meal planning and preparation. This includes shopping for food items, planning a menu, and actually preparing a meal either for themselves or for a group. The ‘laundry lab’ will help students learn how to independently do laundry and their own planning for hygiene and personal needs.

Our Transition Services Program is designed to provide individual supports in natural environments to help our students and clients achieve their greatest level of independence and community participation. The program includes a combination of in-class observation and community based experiences. Classes focus on developing skills in personal care, health/nutrition, independent living, self-determination, relationships, public transportation, community participation, work readiness/experience, and leisure and vocational options.

Cooking is fun and offers terrific opportunities to work on practical skills and provides extra help with sensory integration, motor, language, communication, and attention skills. Our new kitchen is a huge hit with the students and will provide invaluable skills for their future. In addition to the personal care skills we hope to eventually have transition students and staff prepare and cater meals for Individual Education Plan meetings. This project would provide real life experiences and create work experience training opportunities for our students.

AmazonSmile Foundation

Thank you Essex Financial Group!

Thank you so much for providing Christmas presents to the adults and children we serve. You made their holiday extra special and their smiles even bigger!

We proudly display this emblem as we have been recognized as an outstanding provider and we stand United for Excellence with other Alliance Member IDD agencies throughout Colorado.