Starbuck[1]Roundup School is a multi-grade Special Education School designed for youth ages 6 to 21. Children are referred to Roundup School by Colorado School Districts when they have had negative experiences in their previous educational environment, or they may have been out of school for an extended period of time due to difficult behaviors. We help children adjust to their new classroom and school environment while addressing any concerns they many have with feeling that they have failed in other educational settings. We work towards building trust and respect, helping children feel safe and confident in their surroundings so that academic improvement and progress can be achieved. At Roundup School we understand that there are no quick fixes to living with a disability, and we strive to help teach, support, and provide opportunities for children attending our school to become part of their own community and to find meaningful and gainful employment post graduation.

Focus on Technology Campaign- Improving and updating teaching software and hardware for Roundup School.


A large part of our curriculum is developed to help students understand their interactions with others, their own behavior and how their behavior affects others around them. The more students with autism, Down syndrome and similar diagnosis can understand their own disability and how to use the amazing technological tools available today, the more successful they will be as they move on to the next grade and as functional members of our community. Roundup School’s greatest need at this time is updated technology. We need laptop computers and specific software like Skills Tutor – a comprehensive student improvement program that removes limitations on learning with targeted differentiated instruction.


Many students with autism are quite brilliant, but simply cannot move the thoughts and words from their brains through their fine motor system to produce written or typed text. Other students have quite the opposite issue and are able to type or write, but cannot speak coherent sentences. Those students have benefited from small keyboards that generate computerized speech from typed text as well as from software such as Proloquo which allows students to communicate via picture icons that generate a verbal response. We could also use text scanning pens to help negotiate text in community and work-related settings as the students prepare for successful inclusion in their local community. Technology is a great equalizer for so many students with significant disabilities. Once they have mastered the use of a new communication tool, they are able to prove how smart they really are!


We will update the school’s technology tools as funds become available. Currently, we have  donation requests into Microsoft Inc., Apple Inc., a Colorado Foundation and $500 from Concert For Kids. We will be applying for additional funding as opportunities are identified.


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