After 25 years, Tony says good bye to Quivas House and hello to Evans House

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Quivas guys

Anthony is one of the happiest, nicest, most supportive people you will ever meet in your life. He always has a wave and a smile for anyone he sees; He applauds and cheers for friends (and himself) whenever they enter the room or complete a task. His joy of simply being alive is contagious to all those around him, be they Roundup staff or clients or be they people he meets during his daily outings with Roundup’s Community Participation Program.

Two weeks ago, the decision was made for Anthony to move from Quivas House to Evans House. Evans is better equipped to deal with Anthony’s unique medical needs. After twenty-five years in the same home with most of the same room mates, he was packed up and moved in a week. You can imagine, I am sure, how hard this was on Anthony’s house mates and staff. Joe cried and Billy is still asking for “Tony come Quivas, please” on a daily basis. We were also worried about the impact the move might have on Tony. I’m positive that no living person would have an easy go of it if they left their family and home of twenty-five  years to go live in a new setting with new people. However, I am also positive that no one else has Anthony’s optimistic outlook and positive energy. If anyone can successfully make this transition, he can. And Quivas will always be here to help him. We have informed Anthony that he is always welcome at Quivas and made sure he received the first invitation to our annual Holiday party in December.

Staff members at both Evans and Community Participation have informed us that Anthony is as happy and outgoing as ever. He is enjoying his new home and he still sees his old roommate daily at Community Participation. I sincerely hope that this change continues to be positive not only for Tony, but for all the staff and clients at his new program. If he brings as much joy to them as he did to Quivas for the last twenty-five years, the move will have been worth it.

By Ari Rubenstein, Quivas House Director

What a great event!

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Car Show Event Banner Facebook

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend Roundup’s inaugural Car Show benefitting our Community Participation Program.  What a great event! We had cars from the Denver Car Club, Just Casual, Viejitos, Corvette Club, Camaro Club and more! A & J Tire Factory donated a fabulous grand prize package of Adam’s Premium Car Care Products, Quiznos donated a bunch of gift cards and we enjoyed a fabulous bbq thanks to Caninos Sausage Co. and Matrix Autobody.

A special thank you to Mike Cordova (Memories Car Club), staff and clients from our Community Participation Program for volunteering their time and Evans and Fortune House for coming out to partake in the fun and support our efforts!

Thank you to all attendees for coming out. We are definitely looking forward to seeing you again next year! Check out our pictures on Facebook at

Don’t miss the Fourth Annual Corvette Mountain Madness sponsored by the Colorado Corvette Club
Saturday, August 24th in Grand Lake, CO.

The cookbooks are here!

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Recipes from Sea to Shining Sea have arrived! We collected favorite recipes from our friends, families, staff and supporters across the USA. We nearly have a recipe from every state! The cookbook includes 400 recipes and costs only $12. $10 of every book sold supports Roundup Fellowship’s programs and services.

Did you know – Roundup Fellowship operates 6 intensively staffed teaching homes for 30 children/teens and 12 adults, a school and day-treatment for 28 children, a day program for 45 adults, supported-living apartments for 2 adults, and a transitional program for individuals aging out of publicly funded programming.

Order your cookbook online by clicking HERE, or 

  • Email or

  • Call 303-757-8008 ext. 12 or

  • Send in your request to Roundup Fellowship and add $3 per book for shipping.

Cookbook Cover shot 6-28-13 croppedRoundup Fellowship
Attn. Cookbook Committee
3443 South Galena Street, Suite 310
Denver, CO 80231

Our 40th anniversary cookbooks arrive next week!

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Cooking Header

Our cookbooks – Recipes from Sea to Shining Sea arrive next week! Recipes were submitted by our friends, families, staff and supporters across the USA! We nearly have a recipe from every state!

The cookbooks include 400 recipes, make great gifts and are only $12! $10 of every cookbook sold directly benefits Roundup Fellowship. If you would like to purchase a cookbook (s) and help support our programs and services please place your order  Read more >>

Tommy is making incredible strides at self-esteem and independence

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One evening, while I was attending a meeting of the Autism Society, a family sat next to me and we began a conversation centered around the difficulty of dealing with our autistic children’s behaviors.  I was interested in talking to other parents because my son’s aggressive behavior was becoming more than I could handle alone.  The family sitting next to me had just placed their son in a Roundup Fellowship group home.  I burst into tears because I knew that the possibility of parting with my own son was becoming a probability, and that was a heartbreaking thought. Read more >>

A Time to Celebrate: Forty Years of Building Relationships and Encouraging Independence

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Forty years is a long time to be doing something. For us it means celebrating, reflecting, and rediscovering on a number of different levels. Anniversaries are great times to get friends and family together to count blessings, enjoy shared memories, and realize just how fast time goes. Those memories often make us reflective, remembering important events that have taken place over a long course of time, some of which that were nearly forgotten, buried under the advancing years. It is also a time to rediscover things about yourself, just who you really are and maybe take a look at how you’ve changed – for the better, no doubt – through the years. Read more >>

Cookbook Advertisements Help Cover the Cost of Publishing

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We are hoping to cover the publishing costs of our 40th Anniversary Cookbook through advertisements and well wishes printed in the cookbook. With an estimated 1,000 books, it is a great way to reach your customers and a steal starting at $15 for the small ads to a full page ad for just $120!

Other advertisements last for a small period of time. A cookbook is something families will enjoy for years. Order your advertisement here and help support Roundup Fellowship’s programs and services. We are happy to help you in any way with your ad design. Please contact Danni Danko at 303-757-8008 ext. 12 or

Advertisements can be mailed to:
Roundup Fellowship
Cookbook Comittee
2250 S. Oneida Street, Suite 201
Denver, CO 80224


Sabbatical Musings from Jim

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Last summer I had a unique opportunity.  I was granted a sabbatical from my post as Executive Director for three months.  I had no prescribed course to follow regarding furthering my education (although I did some of that) or advancing my professional career through researching other organizations or models of service (not much happened there).  I could set my own agenda, report to no one (sorry, that’s never true!) and focus my attention on very different pursuits of my own choosing. Read more >>

Roundup Fellowship Cookbook

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Cooking Header


Help commemorate Roundup Fellowship’s 40th Anniversary by sending in your favorite recipes. 

This will be our third cookbook! Our first two were wildly popular and still cherished by many today. We are looking for a variety of delicious favorites as well as recipes for our four-legged friends, potpourri, soap, play dough – any favorite recipe you would like to share. All proceeds from the cookbook will go to help Roundup Fellowship programs and services. We will be collecting recipes through the end of April and have the cookbooks ready in July 2013. We hope that the cookbook will reflect the love and hard work that all the volunteers, staff, families, and community members have for Roundup Fellowship clients. Read more >>

Happy New Year!

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40 TagxedoWe trust everyone had an exceptional holiday season. We are sad but excited to see the year end as 2013 marks Roundup Fellowship’s 40th anniversary! It’s hard to believe that just 40 years ago a group of individuals met in effort to provide a better life for people with developmental disabilities and similar disorders to form what we now recognize as Roundup Fellowship.

We want to thank our supporters, clients, and self-advocates throughout the years for making what Roundup Fellowship is today. We have a plethora of events to celebrate Roundup Fellowship’s big birthday and would be honored to have you join us. Stay tuned for the details.



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