Change comes in many forms. At St Paul House, it has come in the form of improved self esteem, confidence and attitude in the lives of the boys that currently live there. Much of this success has evolved from the positive team approach that has been instituted in the home.

Kevin K. is a resident at St. Paul House who celebrated his second year at Roundup this past March. Kevin and his family are Colorado natives and enjoy home visits a couple of times a month. Since his placement at St. Paul House, Kevin’s behavior has changed drastically. He has worked hard with staff to find healthy, safe ways to manage anger. Kevin has expanded his interests in music and art while at St. Paul House. One day he hopes to be a composer for bands. His talents have been enhanced greatly by his increased confidence, motivation and the encouragement of staff. Kevin has a unique personality and is a great provider of humor for his fellow residents and staff at St. Paul House. Even after a tough day at school or the house, Kevin always has a joke to tell.

Currently, Kevin and some of the other residents are volunteering at the Denver Public Library two times a week. They’re also participating in house outings which include hiking, museum visits, sporting events and workshops, and visits to local parks.

Kevin attends Plum Creek Academy where he works on his academic and social skills. The structure and consistency at St. Paul House has helped Kevin greatly. He has built healthy relationships with his counselors, and has opened up a lot in the past six months. Prior to this, he spent most of his time in his bedroom. He now shares his free time between room time and hanging out and interacting in common areas of the house.

One of Kevin’s goals is to leave St. Paul House successfully and move closer to his mother. He would like to continue playing music, and is applying for a music program this summer.

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