LocationAddressPhone NumberFax NumberE-Mail Address
Roundup Fellowship Main Office3443 South Galena St., Suite 310
Denver, CO
(303) 757-8008(303) 353-8305info@rup.org
Roundup School2121 E. LaSalle, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 447-9333(719) 227-9952kstults@rup.org


NamePositionE-Mail AddressPhone NumberExtension
Donna ThurstonChief Executive Directordthurston@rup.org(720) 745-70217021
John ShepherdChief Finance OfficerJShepherd@rup.org(720) 707-43644364
Kathy StultsEducation Directorkstults@rup.org(719) 623-11331133
Heather KijankaHuman Resource Directorhkijanka@rup.org(303) 353-83198319
Jodie MarquezDenver Regional Directorjmarquez@rup.org(303) 353-83118311
Calena CamachoAssistant Regional Directorccamacho@rup.org(720) 531-9041
Tyler GreeneInterim Colorado Springs Regional Director tgreene@rup.org(719) 578-5331
Allen BalaColorado Springs Day Program Director abala@rup.org(719) 666-7825
Tyler GreeneChildren’s Residential Program Director - Meade Housetgreene@rup.org(719) 578-5331
Joel SeibelChildren’s Residential Program Director-Fortune HouseJSeibel@rup.org(719) 609-4189
Essie Carradine Denver Day Program Directorecarradine@rup.org(303) 353-83138313
George CarterEvans Program Directorgcarter@rup.org(303) 759-82079004
Andrea RybusAccounting Specialistarybus@rup.org(303) 353-83158315


AmazonSmile Foundation

Thank you Essex Financial Group!

Thank you so much for providing Christmas presents to the adults and children we serve. You made their holiday extra special and their smiles even bigger!

We proudly display this emblem as we have been recognized as an outstanding provider and we stand United for Excellence with other Alliance Member IDD agencies throughout Colorado.