20131205_143530I know, I know – not the most “catchy” title is it?  However, there were many things to celebrate in 2013 so maybe it’s not such a bad idea to at least catalogue some of them in order to savor what was noteworthy.

First and foremost, we served more than 120 people in nine different programs.  (This is where we are supposed to be exact but we have some people in more than one of our programs so it is not so easy to clearly provide an “unduplicated” number).  As always, this is reason for rejoicing!  This is what we are all about:  reaching out to people who need a hand, a home, a job, a friend, someone to help them through life.  That is our mission and may we never get wrapped up in the finances, statistics, and reports to the extent that we lose sight of why Roundup exists.

Second, we employ people, typically, over 100 at any time during the course of the year.  People come to us because they want to help.  It is highly unlikely that anyone who works here will end up on any list of the “100 Wealthiest and Most Influential in America,” but that probably is not what any of them is primarily focused on.  Instead, they are drawn to an opportunity to serve “the least of these” and make a difference in someone’s life, often, including their own.  Service to others is always a grounding experience and it is that idea that attracts people to work here.

Third, this was our fortieth anniversary year!  Yes, an exclamation point is in order.  Businesses come and go, ministries have a beginning and an ending, change is the order of the day.  But for us, there is much satisfaction in being able to reflect on forty years of service.  We did that at a very special event on September 19, Our Fortieth Anniversary “Starry Night” Gala.  It was a special time where we could recognize accomplishments and hear from people whose lives have been positively affected by our involvement with their families.  We had tremendous support from sponsors and volunteers who wanted to be sure that we could create an event that would linger in the minds of all who participated and help us raise a significant amount of funds that we could put back into our work in the future.

This has been a banner year in our history and we thank God from whom all blessings flow.  We dare not neglect to give our Creator the glory for His faithfulness to us throughout the year.  We work in the details of people’s lives and we know that God is equally in the details of what we do at Roundup every day.  We are excited as we face a new year, despite the fact that there are many unknowns.  Thankfully, we serve a God who is known and we can take comfort and be encouraged as we move forward.